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Tourney Game, Final Round: [grumble], [grumble]

It was not to be for your loyal blog host.  As Uberschuck pointed out in the comments to the last recap, this has been a most unusual tournament game.  We've been doing this thing for a few years now, first by email among friends and now through blogs.  This is the first one any of us can recall that was not virtually decided after a couple rounds.  This one was legitimately in doubt and could have been won by any of three people heading into the Final Four.  It was especially strange that one of those three who could have won didn't have any players left.

Last night, with Tyler Hansbrough needing only 9 points for Uberschuck to claim an outright victory, Hansbrough finished the night with 18 points.  The miracle first-half ankle injury (serious enough to keep him out of the game, but not serious enough to affect his future) that I was counting on did not occur.  Here are our final standings:

  1. Uberschuck, 573 points
  2. Scott, 570 points
  3. Richard, 563 points
  4. Janepriceestrada, 548 points
  5. Poseur, 497 points
  6. LSUJonno, 467 points

That's it.  Until next year, Uberschuck will have bragging rights, plus his grand prize of 1,000,000 ATVS bucks (not redeemable anywhere for anything).  He won last year too.  So it's pretty much his game.

I didn't actually watch any of the game.  I was planning on missing the first bit of it to watch "Heroes".  As it turned out, a house down the road from us had a fire last night, complete with about 3 fire engines and lots of hoses.  Little Miss ATVS had a bear of a time getting to sleep.  When I was finally able to leave her alone, UNC had a 20 point lead and I wasn't interested anymore.

Incidentally, no one was hurt but the house is pretty much destroyed.