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Q&A With David Garrett, Part 2


Gentlemen, with Part 1 in the books, it is time to go over Part 2 of David Garrett Q&A with And The Valley Shook.

6.  Did any coach ever tell Chris anything that you thought was not honest?

No, not at the time it was told. Loyalty and trust are of great value to us.

7.  It has been my observation that LSU fans have really embraced Chris. Why do you think that is so?

Chris is confident in his abilities and loves the game of football. As I mentioned, he believes that anyone who’s afraid of competition shouldn’t be playing football. He knows what he can do, as do those of us who know him, and he expects to have great success at LSU. Also, he is very mature, level-headed, humble, and low-key. He has always shown great poise and thoughtfulness for someone his age. We have always taught him to "act like you’ve been there before," and to demonstrate through your actions on and off the field – not through boastful words. I think that LSU fans have sensed and observed that, and combined with his love and passion for LSU – that has hopefully endeared him to the Tiger family. It means a great deal to us to have the LSU faithful welcome him as they have, especially when he’s away from home and missed so much!

8.  How do you feel about Chris entering LSU early and giving up his last semester of high school? Do you think it’s been a valuable experience for him? Do you think there are any special adjustment difficulties from him being one of the youngest students at LSU right now?

Graduating from high school a semester early and entering college in January was something Chris really wanted to do and felt he needed to do. He was anxious to get a head start on learning the system, the plays, and competing. Chris worked very hard to make it possible, and we think it’s been a good decision. The large classes have probably been somewhat of an adjustment for him, along with not having a connection with the teachers like he had in high school. But, the athletes at LSU are very fortunate to have the Academic Center, which is one of the things that impressed all of us when we visited the campus. Chris has definitely benefitted from the advisors and tutors that have always been ready to help. The only negative has probably been not spending the last semester of high school with his longtime girlfriend and all of his friends, and missing various school activities, graduation parties, etc…

And, while he won’t be allowed to "walk" during the high school graduation ceremonies, he will be able to participate in all of the baccalaureate events at our church, so we’re thankful and looking forward to that. The biggest challenge for us, as we’re a very close family, is having Chris away and so far from home. Thank goodness for cell phones, as we talk and text with him and his older brother every day! 

9.  Does Chris expect or hope to play this year or is he anticipating a redshirt year? 

Like any competitive athlete who has sacrificed, worked hard and prepared, Chris loves the game and wants to play.

He certainly hopes to play, as he has never not played. He understands, however, that it is not the best case scenario for a freshman quarterback to play in the SEC , and realizes that an extra year to train, mature, and learn the system would be of great benefit to him if that’s the way it works out. Also, it would put a year of separation between him and others. It would be very difficult for him to watch from the sidelines, as it would for those of us who love and support him, but he will continue to work hard and prepare as if he’s the starter. You never know when your opportunity will come, and he plans to be ready when it does. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and that all will fall into place when it’s supposed to. 

10.  How are you and your family enjoying LSU so far? Are you going to make it to any games this fall?

The campus is beautiful and the facilities are amazing. We especially love the gameday atmosphere – the festive mood, the live music, the spirit and passion of the fans, the fantastic "Golden Band from Tigerland," etc…

And, Baton Rouge has some great places to eat! So far, we’ve only been to games on recruiting trips, so we haven’t had the opportunity to really take it all in and experience tailgating and the Cajun food we’ve heard so much about – but, we look forward to doing that this fall. We plan to attend every home game and every road game, except for the trip to Washington. We’ve never missed any sporting event that our boys have been involved in, and we intend to be in the stands – watching, cheering, and waiting for Chris’ turn to play. We can only imagine what it will feel like to see him run onto the field at Tiger Stadium for the first time! We’re very fortunate that several of the games on LSU’s schedule this season are pretty close to us. LSU plays Mississippi State in Starkville and Ole Miss in Oxford – both of which are about an hour from our home. And, Tuscaloosa is only about two hours away. We look forward to meeting and spending time with fellow Tiger fans who travel and support the team! Many in the Tiger family have sent us kind notes, emails, and words of support and encouragement, which has meant a great deal to us. We are very grateful to everyone who has made us feel so wanted and welcome. And, we really appreciate the LSU faithful who have embraced Chris and shown such interest and excitement. Geaux Tigers!

Ed:  We of course want to thank Mr. Garrett for being so gracious as to agree to this, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we wish his son only the very best of luck in his career as a Tiger.