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While we can't say for sure what the Committee is going to do, I think it is safe to say that LSU is going to be a national seed.  We've already won the SEC regular season title, won 40 games in what is generally accepted to be the toughest conference, and spent almost the entire season in the top ten.  It's not a lead pipe cinch, but we're about as secure as you can get in a seed, even if the Tigers go 2 and BBQ in Hoover.

So what's the point?  Skip trained us as fans to not really care about SEC titles, only national titles.  Well, we've already won the regular season crown, winning the tournament wouldn't really mean that much.  We don't need it.  I, like many Tiger fans, don't have any particular nostalgia for SEC tourneys of the past.  It's nice to do well, but it's not like I'm really wrapped up in it.

In fact, doing too well might not be in LSU's best interests.  I don't want the pitching staff to get demolished in pursuit of a fairly meaningless title.  We go 0-2, LSU might lose the national seed.  We win the title, we burn through the staff.  Let's go a respectable 1-2 or 2-2 and go home with nothing gained, but more importantly, nothing lost.

No good can come from this week.  Only bad.  I don't hate the SEC tournament, but it's not exactly designed to help teams who are already in the field.  Last year, we needed the tourney.  This year, there is nothing to gain.  I'll probably watch, but I'm not that into this year's tournament.  I'm saving it up for when the real tournament begins.  Besides, who can work up the proper hatred for Vandy?