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A Disturbing List

Here is a list of the starting pitcher of each game LSU lost this year, followed by what side they throw from:

Illinois - Haig - LHP
Illinois- Reeser - RHP
ULL - Fusilier- LHP
Kentucky - Albers- LHP
USC - Dyson - RHP
OM - Pomeranz - LHP
Tulane - Loup - LHP
UGa - McRee - LHP
Bama - Howell - LHP
Tennessee - Hernandez - LHP
Tennessee - Harris - RHP
Arkansas - Keuchel - LHP
Florida - Maronde - LHP
Moo St - Routt - LHP
Vandy - Minor - LHP

For those of you scoring at home, of LSU's 16 losses, THIRTEEN have come against a left-handed starter.  Mainieri claims, and I have no reason to doubt him, that we have faced 20 left handed starters this season.  LSU's record is...

35-3 vs. RHP
7-13 vs. LHP

Who else is getting a little nervous about teams saving their lefties to face LSU?