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Top 1: LSU 7 - Georgia 0; Rain Delay

We sit in a rain delay, as SEC officials decided to start playing even though it was pouring rain.  The rain we played through so far was harder than any rain I have ever seen baseball actually being played in. One can argue that lsu benefitted from the rain, in that the ball was wet and slick for the Georgia pitcher, possibly leading to two HBPs and a walk, as well as general control problems and hitter-friendly counts.

When we start back up, Georgia's pitcher will have to get started a second time and is already about 30 pitches into the limits of his endurance.  Starting, then stopping for a long delay, then starting again is difficult on a pitcher.  Georgia's pitcher will have to do just that while Daniel Bradshaw will be starting fresh because he has not had to go out there yet.

If we can take it that the weather here in Tuscaloosa is heading east and north towards Hoover, they won't be playing baseball again any time soon.

It was especially baffling that they decided to start this game when they did, considering the "if necessary" game that was scheduled to start at the end of the LSU vs. Georgia game ended up not being necessary.  They had time to wait, and the weather radar could not have indicated things were quickly going to get better.  Might as well wait, rather than start a game only to have to stop play so quickly.