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LSU 3 - Georgia 2: Survive and Advance

LSU got another splendid outing from an infrequent starter as Nolan Cain went 5 1/3 innings, including 4 consecutive 1-2-3 innings to pick up the win.  With Matty Ott unavailable due to being used two nights in a row, Paul Bertuccini recorded the final 4 outs to pick up the save.

Due to the late start, the game was mandated to be a 7 inning affair, which meant that our not-all-that-beleaguered bullpen got just that much more help.

We get a rematch with Vandy today at noon, with television coverage on a tape-delayed basis.  I suppose this time we really will be throwing Chris Matulis, but I've been wrong before.  I think the entire bullpen is available with the possible exception of Bertuccini who pitched late last night to 4 batters,  Thanks to the nice starting pitching we got in both of our games yesterday, all the other relievers besides Chad Jones got the day off.

We'll need Matulis, Ben Alsup, Ryan Byrd, Randy Ziegler, Jordan Nicholson, Buzzy Haydel, Chad Jones, and Matty Ott to take this one themselves.  There are a lot of suspects in that list, but as Poseur has said, this is just practice anyway.  We might as well go deep into the bullpen to see who can step up.