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Misinformed Value Judgments

Richard beat me to some of my conclusions based on the box score, but we're gonna do them anyway. 

-- I said going in that the tourney didn't matter, but boy, winning a second consecutive tournament was awesome.  Especially coming out of the loser's bracket.  I don't really believe in momentum (except as a physics principle), but the team did play with confidence with its back against the wall.  There wasn't a moment of panic despite coming out of the loser's bracket.  It was a really fun run.  I had a blast watching it.

-- I'm not sure how Bradshaw made the All-Tourney team over Coleman.  Coleman's win was THE moment for this tem.  Bradshaw pitched a sutout, but it was also a 16-0 shutout.  By the 6th inning, Georgia was clearly trying to end the game to get to Game Two.  Bradshaw had a nice outing, and considering he's been in and out of our rotation, I'm really happy for him.  But Coleman was a total friggin' bad ass.  He allowed a mere 7 base runners, and he had a 6/0 K/BB ratio.  I have such confidence in Coleman as a big game pitcher.

-- RBI's and Runs are a team-dependent stat.  Which means a lot of statheads are willing to throw them out as completely worhtless.  That's not true.  Run production stats may or may not show "clutchiness", but they do show how a guy produced in context of the lineup.  There was no one on the team who produced nine runs (R + RBI), which shows extraordinary balance.  Both the top and the bottom of the lineup produced.  There are no easy outs in the lineup.  One of my favorite quirk stats of the weekend was the Nola was only on base 6 times, but scored 5 times.  Mahtook was on base 12 times, and only scored twice. 

-- Speaking of Nola, the last game of the tournament was a defensive tour de force.  He was involved in 2 double plays, had 3 putouts, and 5 assists.  He also went 0-2 with 2 walks and scored twice.  That's an amazing game.  Of the 23 fielding outs, Nola was involved in 9 of them. 

-- On the tourney, Nola hit 176/300/294.  All of his hits were in a 16-0 blowout.  He made 6 PO and 17 A.  Leaving out his terrific title game (other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?) - Nola hit 200/250/333.  He made 3 PO and 12 A in those 5 games.  That's 3 defensive outs per game.  That's not enough defense to make up for that hitting.  If he plays like he did in the title game, Nola is an asset.  If he plays like he did in the rest of the tourney, he's not.

-- LeMahieu is taking some heat for playing poorly.  He went 4-21 with 3 walks.  He also made 15 PO and 11 A for 26 defensive outs in 6 games.  No player on the team, not even Nola, made more defensive outs than LeMahieu (though he did make an error).  If any player deserves to be in the lineup solely for his glove, at least looking at the tourney, it's LeMahieu.

-- Why ERA is a worhtless stat for relievers: Matty Ott had the worst ERA of our relivers, with a 3.86.  Ott was also the guy who came in with the bases loaded and the tying run at the plate with no outs.  Any stat that makes you think that Ott is anything other than completely and totally awesome is one I don't believe. 2 runs in 8.2 innings.  That speaks well of both our pen and our starters, considering we only needed 9 innings of relief in 6 games. 

-- If you want a stat to measure our clutchiness at the plate, how about this?  Only one LSU player (Ochnko) had more than 6 LOB in a 6-game weekend.  Everyone came to play.  Just a great weekend.