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Poseur Versus the MSM: Round One

I've written this post several times, but I've decided to just make it a never-ending series.  I believe that a lot of the Blogs versus the Mainstream Media is a load of crap.  Good reporting or good commentary is good regardless of the delivery method.  Bill Plaschke will suck in any medium, whether it is TV or print. 

The newspaper is dying, and that makes me sad.  I have fond memories of reading the paper as a kid, particularly pouring over every box score in the sports section.  But I haven't read a newspaper in years. 

A lot of the wounds are self-inflicted.  The newspaper industry approached the internet with an attitude that ranged from bemused indifference to outright hostility.  And it did expose just how much the average columnist held his readership in contempt.  Ultimately, the blogs didn't bring down the newspaper, Craig's List and eBay did.  Classified ad revenue dried up.  Think about that.  The newspaper didn't use all of these new voices on the internet as a challenge to get better, and it didn't go quietly into the night until the classified ad proved to be a relic.  That's painfully sad.

But I didn't embark on my quest to rip on the MSM, and their sports coverage in particular, until the Manny Steroid Scandal.  Oh great.  Yet another chance for the MSM to climb up on the ir moral high horse and talk about how awful the modern athlete is and how baseball is horribly crooked, while ignoring all of the rampant drug use throughout the game's history and sweeping the NFL's rampant drug problems under the rug. 

I can't take it anymore.  If there was a pill that would make a person a better journalist and enable them to make millions of dollars a year, there are two kinds of journalists: those that would take the pill and those that would lie about it.  Hell, I would take a pill or a shot to make $10 million per year.  Wouldn't you? 

The pundit class simply doesn't represent me.  I'm sick of their ignorant voices.  I'm sick of their knee jerk reaction against anything that might involve math,  I hate their resistance to any non-trraditional way to look at the games.  i hate their moral indignation.  but mainly, I hate the way they look down on you and me, the fans of these games. 

There are good sports reporters.  King Kaufman, Joe Posnanski, Alan Schwartz... feel freel to add to the list.  But the great majority are a bunch of screaming heads.  I'm turning them off.  They aren't even relevent anymore.  I can follow sports almost entirely without the media filter.  I'm declaring war.