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LSU Beats Florida Into Submission 10-1

Richard's a lot better at game summaries than I am.  In fact, I sort of suck at them because I always get obsessed over some little thing that happened in the third inning so my game report isn't really a game report, but a dissertation on why even a six year old can figure out the double switch.

So. let's keep this short: holy hell did LSU beat the snot out of Florida. 

It was 6-0 by the end of the fourth inning.  That's it.  There's your story.  There was no tactical decision to be made as Florida never got close for the rest of the game.  Ranaudo was back to his excellent self.  Dean hit a home run and later stole a base on a double steal, so he's looking like he's finally back to his Dean-like status.  LeMahieu ripped a three run homer in the sixth to put away the game that had already been put away. 

My only quibble is leaving Ranaudo out there to throw 115 pitches in a blowout.  Mainieiri took him out after the seventh in favor of Cain and then Haydel.  115 pitches a lot, and while I'm willing to push a pitcher at this point in the year in a close game, I'm not so happy about it in a blowout.  Especially when out bullpen needs some confidence going into the postseason, and you don't get a bigger net than a nine-run lead. 

Other than that, smiles all around.  Doing some scoreboard watching, Ole Miss lost to State, Georgia lost to Vandy, and Bama beat Arkansas.  This means LSU is one game clear of both Ole Miss and Florida while Georgia and Arkansas both fell down the standings due to the Bama win.  An almost perfect night for the Tigers.