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The Danger of a Hit and Run

In the bottom of the second inning, with LSU ahead 2-0 and with the Florida starting pitcher really struggling, LSU had gotten the 8th and 9th hole hitters on to start the inning, giving us runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and the top of the order up.  We called the hit-and-run.  The worst thing that could possibly happen in this situation happened.  Mikie Mahtook lined out to shortstop, leaving Gibbs and Nola hanging out to dry.  With the runners well off the bags and having to turn around, the Gator infielders were able to turn a triple play.

Calling the hit-and-run absolutely killed what could have been a very big inning.  Let's see what it does to the confidence of a pitcher who had been struggling.

Edit:  While the hit-and-run is a questionable tactic, I know of one tactic that is not questionable:  calling on your best hitters to bunt with no one on.  Florida has attempted that several times.