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Hultzen Is Evil

As we've already pointed out, the key to tommorrow's game will be getting to LHP Danny Hultzen.  He's just a freshman, but he's been pretty successful this year, most notably shutting down both UC Irvine and Ole Miss.  But, not to brag, but shutting down LSU is a whole other kettle of fish.  UCI scored 432 runs.  OM scored 470.  LSU scored 524. 

Of course, Hultzen is a lefty.  And we all know that means time to panic in TigerTown.  I have one suggestion and one cause to not be concerned.  First, the concern.  Hultzen is a freshman.  Nothing against him personally, but Rosenblatt tends to eat freshman studs alive.  If you're relying on a frehsman in a big game, in any sport, that is usually a big worry.  Sometimes you get Carmelo Anthony in the Final Four, but that's not the norm.  But that's wishful thinking.

So here is the suggestion: bench Jared Mitchell. 

Mitchell's a terrific player.  It's no accident he was selected in the first round.  He's a threat on the bases and he plays mean defense.  But the guy absolutely cannot hit lefties right now.  Put Mitchell on the bench and start Helenihi at third and Hanover at DH.  LSU has a lefty heavy lineup, so let's flip the script. 

Let's stop pretending lefties don't kill us.  Go righty-crazy with Helenihi, Hanover, Ochinko, Gibbs, Mahtook, and Nola.    And then sub Mitchell in as soon as you can. 

Right handed hitters.  Say it.  We need guys who hit from the right side of the plate.  Let's get to Hultzen early and then get to our lefty studs on the bench.  I think we're gonna win.  I haven't been this confident since 1997.  That said, this is no cakewalk.  Let's give ourselves the best chance to win.