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LSU to Face Arkansas On Friday

It took 12 innings, and Arkansas had to use up all of its best pitchers, but Arkansas advances to face LSU at 1:00 Central on Friday.  They used their 3rd starter, lefty Drew Smyly for 4.2 innings, then used their best middle reliever Mike Bolsinger for 3 innings, then used a couple of different pitchers for a few outs before bringing in their ace starter Dallas Keuchel in the 9th.  He stayed in until the game was over after the 12th.  Arkansas will struggle to find pitchers to face us on Friday, as Smyly, Keuchel, and Bolsinger are probably not available at all.  Their next two starters, Eibner and Forrest, both would be on 3 days rest following outings that weren't exactly dominant against the very team they will be facing again. 

Really, this game could not have gone better for us.