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General Cockiness

I'm travelling for work again, so I'm not going to be online for the first game of the series.  Richard has the wheel.  I don't mean to step on his most recent post or his talk with the guys over at Burnt Orange Nation.  Check both of those out. 

Before I disappear into workng hell, let me offer my last thoughts on the game.

Call me cocky or whatever, but this is the best LSU team I have seen since 1997, which i firmly believe is the greatest college team ever assembled.  And honestly, i think this team is more talented.  If they do not win the title, it will be a tragedy.  Texas is a really good team and they would make a worthy champ.  But we are better this year.  We're a lot better. 

That's not a knock on Texas, that's a statement on how good this LSU team is.  If they lose this series, it will because either Texas played the greatest two games of their season or we played poorly.  I have never been more confident in an LSU team in any sport than I am in this baseball team.  I hate the anything but a title is a failure attitude displayed by any fanbase, but I have to be honest, anything less than a title will be a massive disappointment for this team, this season.  This is the best team in the country and better yet, they know it.  

Can we lose?  Sure.  Just ask UNC about being the heavy favorite in a championship series.  Texas most certainly can win this series.  But I don't believe a team this good or this focused will manage to lose two games to anybody.  I've never been more confident in an LSU team, and that sort of scares me.   

Ed. Note:  Open Thread and Brief Game Preview at 1:00pm Central.