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Things Neglected Since Monday

Life kind of went on-hold beginning on Monday.  Here is a short list of the things I neglected:

1.  The kitchen.  In the last 3 days, dishes and pots and pans have piled up and remained uncleaned.  This is probably the first order of business.

2.  Hygiene.  I've worn the same shirt for 3 straight evenings.  It's my purple-on-yellow "Have a GREAT Day" T-Shirt that I got for my birthday but which was given to me a couple days early in anticipation of this series.

3.  Little Miss ATVS.  We haven't done our usual evening walks, and we've cut down on our evening reading in order to allow me to concentrate on the Championship Series.

4.  The dog.  Accustomed to going for a walk in the middle-evening, he has been waiting until the end of the games, except for the Tuesday game when he got his normal walk due to rain delay.

What about you?  What's neglected?