ESPN may have caught Kiffin in another secondary violation; Raiders take another shot at ex-coach :


I happened to be watching this morning, which is rare because I almost never watch OTL or Sports Reporters. I was watching when they showed Kiffin meeting with a recruit (I don't know who it was). I immediately said to myself, "That's another violation right there." Bob Ley confirmed the possibility at the close of the segment by saying, "It is entirely possible that you just saw another [recruiting violation]." I responded internally, "Hell yeah that's another violation." Look, I know that the NCAA rulebook is thick and that there are a lot of strange rules out there, but this one isn't hard. It falls under the umbrella of NCAA recruiting rules that can be summed up in the simple sentence, "You can do nothing to publicize anything about the kids you're recruiting, even their names." Letting an ESPN crew film you meeting with a recruit is a blatant and obvious violation, and Kiffin should have known better. I hope something happens with all of this, because this is the THIRD time in just a few months that Lane Kiffin has committed a highly public violation of the simple "don't publicize your recruiting" canon. It's clear he either doesn't care about the rules or he just has not internalized what they mean. Either way, something should be done. There are reasons these things are violations, and these aren't just the accidental, meaningless violations that no one cares about.