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ATVS Needs You to Provide Us Free Labor

I am looking to employ one or more commenters at no charge to you to keep up with certain statistics throughout the season.  I used to keep up with a statistic I called the GeauxTuscaloosa Quarterback Productivity Index.  It was, I thought, an improvement over the standard quarterback rating, using yards, attempts, touchdowns, interceptions, rushing yards, and rushing attempts.  I was never very satisfied with it because I could not easily incorporate another couple of factors I wanted in the index, namely throws and runs that got a first down, and fumbles.

I had the inspiration to ask you, the humble, loyal, intelligent, and eminently attractive reader (flattery always helps) for a little bit of help.  I need someone, or more than one someone, to go through play-by-play summaries of each game in the conference and simply count the number of throws or runs by a quarterback that result in a first down, and count the number of fumbles lost each week for each QB.  Send the info to me and I will compile it into the new and improved And The Valley Shook Quarterback Productivity Index (ATVSQBPI).

Anyone interested?