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Hey, I've Been Parodied!

Apparently, the guys over at Red Cup Rebellion don't like my Ole Miss prediction. 

Really, I have no intention of engaging in an internet slap fight with them, but honestly, even though the general premise of my post was to deny that Ole Miss was a top ten team, I thought I was pretty nice.  I complimented them on the Grove, said it was nice they were getting props, complimented their star quarterback, and even refrained from the easy cheap shots on Houston Nutt. 

Someone seems a little insecure over there.  They think we're gonna stink?  OK.  See if you agree with their logic, which is primarily that Les Miles is a moron, Trindon Holliday is apparently our best player, and our recruiting is terrible because Keiland Williams is a second stringer behind a 1st team all-SEC running back.  Maybe they're right.  

I just think it's cool I got satired.  That made my day.