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Greetings and Salutations

So glad we’ve almost made it
So sad they had to fade it
Everybody wants to rule the world

-- Tears for Fears, 1985


I suppose using a song verse as an intro to a blog is so clichéd even Verne Lundquist might recoil a little bit. But then again my favorite Tears for Fears song seems appropriate for the occasion because the blessed college football season is now a scant three weeks away. Besides, notion of world domination seems pretty apt for anything concerning the SEC right now – both in relation to the conference’s place in the sport and the arms race the top tier of teams seem engaged with at the moment.

Greetings and salutations folks. Hopefully some of y'all have read some of my previous work with College Football News, or maybe even some of my earlier work as a part of the network with Tiger Rag Magazine. An LSU alum (class of 2004), I was fortunate enough to get into the sportswriting game in the heart of Nick Saban's run at the university, covering the 2003 National Championship team as well as subbing in for Sonny Shipp briefly as a recruiting analyst for the class of 2004 (the Dorsey/Doucet/Steltz/Highsmith class).

I'll do my best to provide some insight and analysis when I can - whether that's on the team itself, tailgating, the SEC or college football in general. In the meantime...19 days and counting y'all! I'll be looking forward to it all.

Here's a quick link to my last solo piece on Jordan Jefferson, as well as the offseason SEC Roundtable myself and a few other CFN bloggers have been working on together.