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Two UW tickets for sale! $140

I am a dedicated and loyal LSU fan indeed, but I am also a student.  Actually, I'm a particularly studenty student (nerd) and classes and grades are important to me.

As it turns out, to go to the Washington game, I would need to skip all of my Friday classes, and that's not something I can afford to do because I have a lot of important and difficult classes on Fridays, and there will be assignments to turn in and quizzes to take.  So, sadly, I must part with these tickets.

I'll sell them at face value: $140 will get you two seats (next to each other) in lovely Husky Stadium.

If you're interested, or you have a friend who might be interested, or if you have a friend who knows someone who might be interested, email me at or call me at 678-457-9725.

Thanks and Geaux Tigers