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Miles Paranoia

Rich Rodriguez was crying on ESPN.  If there's no crying in baseball, it's unfathomable in football.  Sack up, big guy. 

Frankly, I don't usually care what goes on with Michigan's football program.  But our current head football coach is a Michigan alum and a huge disciple of Coach Bo.  If Rodriguez fails at Michigan, I doubt he's going to get a whole lot of time to right the ship.  And if he does indeed fail, Michigan's very first phone call will be to Baton Rouge.

I honestly believe the only reason Miles is still the coach at LSU is because ESPN broke the story of "Miles to Michigan" too soon.  He was out the door, but he just got angry at how the story leaked before he had a chance to tell his players.  Football coaches tend to like control, and Miles probably resented his lack of control on that story.  Hey, I'm happy how it turned out, but if Miles goes to Michigan one day, I can't hold it against the guy.

It's hard to tell your alma mater "no".  It's even harder to tell them "no" twice.  Just ask Roy Williams.  Now, this is way too early speculation.  Hell, Michigan could go out there and win ten games and this story will be quickly forgotten.  Winning tends to make everyone happy.  If Rodriguez starts winning, we never have to hear "Miles to Michigan" ever again. 

But it is something we should keep an eye on.  Go Big Blue.