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Bucket Lists

How on earth did I miss this?

* Track down the source of the "LSU fans smell like corn dogs" rumor.
* Become the first human being to record a blood-alcohol level of 1.00 or greater.
* Slip Nick Saban a mickey and take a picture of yourself giving him a pair of Norwegian goggles.

The comments are particularly inspired.  EDSBS is pure genius.  Something to add for each fan base's Bucket Lists...

ALABAMA.  Visit the Bear's grave.  If only to realize he is dead.

ARKANSAS.  Divorce your cousin.

AUBURN.  Move out of the trailer park.  Or graduate.  Same thing.   

FLORIDA.  Find compromising photographs of Urban Meyer to blackmail him with in case he ever decides to move to South Bend.

GEORGIA.  Get teabagged by Uga.

KENTUCKY.  Find all copies of the gametape of the Bluegrass Miracle and have them destroyed.  Start a conspiracy theory denying it ever happened.

LSU.  Find Curly Hallman and punch him in the face.

OLE MISS.  See your team actually win a national title in any sport.  No, 1960 doesn't count.  Minnesota won both the AP and UPI titles.  Sorry.

MISSISSIPPI STATE. See a forward pass completed by the Bulldogs.  It'll happen soon, we swear.

SOUTH CAROLINA.  Apologize to the world for every douchebag wearing a "COCKS" hat. 

TENNESSEE. Learn another song. 

VANDERBILT. Your team finally went to a bowl game.  You can die happy in your million dollar home.  Your bucket list is completed.