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LSU Camp Starts; ATVS Camp Starts

LSU players report for Fall Practice today.  We at ATVS consider this the end of the offseason.  SEC Media Days and its all-Tebow, all-the-time (and we do mean all-Tebow) coverage is over.  This means that it is time to put an end to the fake news and get to the real news.  It is also time to give you a State of the Blog report.

I am currently working on a number of projects to improve the content at ATVS.  I have invited several quality writers to join the team here and I am hopeful that this Fall will see an increase in the quantity of quality content available to you, the loyal reader.  GeauxBears has already joined up for an occasional guest spot from his usual home in SBNation's Chicago Bears blog.  I am hopeful that we will have some announcements soon about other writer(s) officially jumping on board.

Last year, we had some regular features on previewing the SEC matchups, going around the SEC after all the weekend games, announcing the And The Valley Shook SEC Offensive Skill Position Player of the Week, and others.  This year, we will do things just a little differently.  The emergence of Team Speed Kills has made it completely unnecessary for me to do generalized previews of SEC games, so we will be changing that feature up a little.  Below the cut will be an outline of our ambitious publishing schedule.


  • "Schedule for the Day" in the morning.  Be prepared to read about my planned trips to Story Time at Barnes & Noble.
  • Open Thread a couple hours before game time
  • "Snap Judgments" just after the end of the game


  • Detailed post-mortem, probably focused on one or two points mentioned in "Snap Judgments"


  • Second detailed post-mortem, probably focused on what I saw in watching the game a second time.
  • "Around the Football World", an overview of other football action, focusing on its relevance to LSU, such as how future opponents did, how conference games affect the conference standings, etc.


  • Preview of upcoming LSU game, introducing you to the opponent and describing the important matchups
  • Analysis of the And The Valley Shook Quarterback Productivity Index around the SEC.  More on this later.


  • Announcement of the And The Valley Shook Southeastern Conference Offensive Speed Position Player of the Week.  Name changed because Poseur requested we not use the term "skill position" anymore.  The brilliant shorthand ATVSSECOSPPOW remains.
  • Some soft-focus human interest story sure to leave a tear in your eye.


  • "Non-LSU Weekend Preview".  The companion piece to "Around the Football World", this is the replacement for the SEC previews from last year.  Here we focus on other games around the country with an emphasis on their impact on LSU.
  • Some soft-focus human interest story sure to leave a tear in your eye.  Or perhaps something on recruiting, or a diatribe against Lane Kiffin.


This is of course a very ambitious schedule, and life sometimes gets in the way.  Not to mention writer's block.  I am also doing a feasibility study on podcasting, but don't hold your breath for that.

The thing is, I have all these plans for how to blog during the season, and as of right now I have no idea what I'm writing about tomorrow.  So be sure to check back, as you will know what I'm writing about not long after I do.