Anything but Gatorade: Not Seaux Fast

AbG: Vanderbilt bloggers (I know, they really do exist!) seem to be making a big deal out of the matchup between Vandy defensive back Myron Lewis and Terrance Tolliver. Is that really the guy the Dores need to worry about when Brandon LaFell's on the field, too? ATVS: Terrance Toliver (one-L [ed note: burn?]) is a guy who has always had great potential to be a big-play receiver. We'd seen glimpses of that in his first two years, but he had not done it consistently. His coming out party was against Washington when he was open twice and took two catch-and-runs to the house, and got another couple receptions as well. Make no mistake though. Brandon Lafell [ed note: I'm going to kill myself for spelling/capitalization] is our #1 receiver. Lafell is the make-catches-in-traffic receiver. He's the reliable hands (when he isn't going through one of his inexplicable dropsies phases, which thankfully he hasn't done in a while). He's the one who gets open all the time because he runs great routes. He's a terror. Toliver is a good deep threat and he seems to be emerging as a great complement to Lafell. If he keeps playing like he did against Washington, we will have a great 1-2 punch at receiver, perhaps the best in the conference, but Lafell is the real headliner there, until Toliver proves he can get open consistently and make the tough A brief Q&A I did with Anything But Gatorade, a Kentucky/Vandy blog. Wait a second. A Kentucky/Vandy blog? What in the heck is that? Anyway, it exists, and I did a Q&A for them. This is question 1 of 5 and its answer.