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Jrlz's postgame playlist

Just last night, a certain Mr. Jordan was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. His Airness had a profound impact on my childhood, and most of it was because of his Academy Award-winning performance in the classic "Space Jam". Actually, I watched that movie just recently, and holy sheeit it's terrible, but when I was eight? Best. Movie. Ever.

The ultimate legacy of Space Jam is it's terrific soundtrack. It kicked ass in 1996, and it kicks ass today. Here's a song D'Angelo contributed that just rules. The smoky electric piano intro in 7/4 time, the sampled beat with just enough of that warm vinyl crackle to give it that retro feel, and the rest of the production, which is definitely R&B and 1996 in the best ways imaginable.

"I Found My Smile Again".  LSU found it's defense again.  Enjoy.



More greatness after the jump, including the Shins, EWF and Faces.

The Shins- "Australia"

Earth, Wind and Fire- "See The Light"

The Faces- "Ooh La La"  (in preparation of our next opponent)