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BlogPoll, Week Two

Here is my grossly misinformed ballot for Week Two.  Comments after the jump.  Really, I need the help this week.

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Alabama
5 Brigham Young 7
6 California 3
7 Mississippi 1
8 LSU 7
9 Penn State 2
10 Ohio State 5
11 Virginia Tech 1
12 Missouri 1
13 Georgia Tech 4
14 TCU
15 Boise State 3
16 Oklahoma 3
17 Cincinnati 5
18 Kansas 3
19 Miami (Florida) 5
20 Oregon State 4
21 Houston
22 Oklahoma State 16
23 Utah 3
24 Baylor 1
25 Auburn
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out:Michigan State (#11), Notre Dame (#23).

I like doing this by groups of five, so let's keep with that format.

1. Florida
2. USC
3. Texas
4. Bama
5. BYU

The top four are the top four.  If I could leave fifth place open to symbolize the gap, I would.  But I'm moving BYU way up for two reasons.  ONE.  I've had a week to digest their win and I feel even better about it as still, no one looks that impressive.  TWO.  They acted like a top team by going out destroying that outmatched team the week after their big win. 

6. Cal
7. Ole Miss
8. LSU
9. Penn St.
10. Ohio St.

The luster is off of Cal's win over Maryland.  Still, they have killed two patsies.  Ohio St. falls a bit for their loss to USC, but not much.  I held off on changing their rating after the Navy game, but I don't think they merit dropping out of the top ten, out of the expense of VT. 

I'm moving LSU back into the top ten, and a big move, for several reasons.  I think I may have under-ranked them last week, so this is a bit of correction.  Secondly, who else has beaten two BCS conference teams?  No one.  I don't think UW and Vandy are great teams, but I think they will be .500 teams this season.  LSU didn't blow them out, but they did win comfortably both times.  LSU isn't getting cheap style points for running up the score against lousy teams, but really, who has looked better that is ranked lower?  I'm dropping Penn State because I don't want to reward them for beating the patsies they scheduled.  And can you imagine the meltdown had LSU only beaten Syracuse by 21? 

11. VT
12. Mizzou
13. GT
14. TCU
15. Boise St.

OK, I didn't drop Mizzou for its close call against Bowling Green because, um, who do you reward?  I'm open to suggestions.  I'm not sold on Georgia Tech, who almost completely collapsed late against Clemson.  TCU needed to beat Virginia by a lot more than they did.  And Boise... well, how good are they?  Oregon beat Purdue in OT, and I don't believe Purdue is very good. 

16. OU
17. Cincy
18. Kansas
19. Miami
20. Oregon St.

I want to drive the OSU bandwagon, but a two-point win over UNLV?  Really?  Help me out, guys.  Cincy has looked great so far, speaking of teams that I could probably rank higher.  Kansas hasn't played anyone either.  OU gets a bit of a bump because of my re-evaluation of BYU.  Actually, these guys all got a bit of a jump because my bottom five is a grab bag of whoever I could barely justify a ranking.

21. Houston
22. Okie St.
23. Utah
24. Baylor
25. Auburn

How do you beat Georgia and then lose to Houston?  Houston!  The Cougars have some athletes, but they needed some fluky bounces to win that game.  A total meltdown by Okie State after their big win.  Consider this the anti-BYU.  Auburn makes an appearance on the poll for discovering an offense. 

Tell me why I'm an idiiot.  I'll admit to being kind of stumped this week.