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ATVSQBPI Numbers for Week 2: Down to Earth

This week, with a slight step up in competition level, the ATVSQBPI statistic took a big hit as well.  Let's look at the number:

Quarterback ATVSQBPI yards/attempt
Tim TEbow 11.0
Greg McElroy 9.5
Chris Todd 8.0
Joe Cox 6.7
Tyson Lee 6.3
Stephen Garcia 5.8
Jordan Jefferson 4.0
Chris Relf 3.8
Larry Smith 1.9
Jonathan Crompton -0.2

Someone once asked the question, "Is it possible to get negative numbers?"  Well, Jonathan Crompton did it.  How'd he do it?  Well, you add up all your yardage and then give your bonuses and penalties.  Crompton had 93 yards passing, but 3 interceptions and no touchdowns.  In the passing game, therefore, he gets credit for (93-3*30) = 3 yards.  In the running game, he had -8 yards and no touchdowns, giving him a total of -5 yards.  That's a negative number.  It was hard, but he did it.

I'm ignoring McElroy and Tebow, as they did not play tough competition.

Look at Chris Todd.  That's against real competition, as his team played MSU.  To make his numbers look even better, please realize he was taken out of the game in goal line situations, so he didn't score any touchdowns to get any bonuses.  

For all the talk of Stephen Garcia having a breakout game, it was really only because he threw the ball 53 times.  His rate stats were kind of plain.

Jordan Jefferson did not have a good game statistically, though he completed most of his passes.  The problem, as mentioned before, was that a lot of his passes went for no gain or negative gain.  Playcalling may have hurt his ATVSQBPI here.  On the other hand, he beat his competition in the game, as Larry Smith had pretty miserable numbers.