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Looking Around the SEC...

Some quick thoughts on the other conference games this week...

Tennessee @ Florida: Is it a bad sign that CBS has asked Eli Roth to be the special guest director of this telecast?

Georgia @ Arkansas: On the one hand, if Stephen Garcia can throw for 300 yards on Georgia's secondary, what will Bobby Petrino's GigantaQB do? On the other, if Joe Cox can look competent against South Carolina's defense, which is pretty solid, what will he do against Razorbacks' outfit?

Mississippi State @ Vanderbilt: As an LSU fan this is a game I plan on taking a look at this game after the fact on the SEC Digital Network site. This game will say something about not only the two teams playing it, but maybe a little bit about Auburn as well.

West Virginia @ Auburn: Kind of been an opposites thing for Auburn through two games, with the offense rocking out and the defense struggling. WVU is 19th nationally in passing offense, eighth in passing efficiency. Could be quite the shootout on the plains.

Louisville @ Kentucky: Is there any other rivalry game in this conference in which all the trash talk will center around the other team's basketball coach?

North Texas @ Alabama: Can a third consecutive opponent return a kickoff for a touchdown against Alabama? Regardless, this is a laugher, and I have no idea why Saban would even consider playing Julio Jones this week while he recovers from his bruised knee. I highly doubt Bama needs him this week.

Florida Atlantic @ South Carolina: Two of the great architects of football in the state of Florida, Howard Schnellenberger and Steve Spurrier will face off. Most will say it's a gimme for USC, but name the last time this team put together two good offensive games in a row. If Stephen Garcia can carve up the Owls like he did Georgia, then maybe the OBC has found his QB.

Southeastern Louisiana @ Ole Miss:  Given that LSU just added McNeese State and Northwestern State to future schedules, I guess I can't rip on the Rebs for scheduling an FCS team. Try not to give a team from my home state swine flu.