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The Spread. Vegas, Not The Offense


I really don't have anything to say about the game this weekend.  Billy gave us some things to look for, but I'm really looking for a game that's over by halftime.  Maybe I want to see if LSU keeps running five-wide sets, but I'm not on the edge of my seat.

I just want to put this out there.  The spread for the LSU-ULL game is currently 26.5.  The line for the Florida-Tennessee game? 29.5.

This means that Vegas believes that LSU is a better team than ULL by a smaller margin than Florida is over Tennessee.  Food for thought.  I want to be insulted by this, but is there anyone who doesn't think Florida is not going to try to run up the score this weekend? 

While we're playing with the spread, USC is an 18.5 point favorite over Washington.  That is the same line when LSU played Washington.  Does that mean Vegas believes USC and LSU are of the same quality?  And how awesome do they think the Gators are?