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LSU 31 - UL-Lafayette 3: Snap Judgments

Well, the game is over.  Here are my subject-to-change, extremely early thoughts on the action:

  • It was a pretty dull game.  We didn't dominate every snap like we would have liked, but the game was never in doubt after we scored.  ULL may be a cupcake, but they are a particularly hearty, rich cupcake.  Remember, this team beat K-State last week.
  • The defense again was outstanding.  Yes, they gave up a couple of nice drives and needed a big goal line stand to keep ULL out of the end zone, but they got the big goal line stand.  Don't overlook that.
  • Chad Jones finally had the kind of game we've been looking for from him, and just in time for the heart of the SEC schedule, which is coming up.
  • Patrick Peterson is such a stud, that he's getting bored during the games because they simply will not throw his way.  With Peterson locked on the outside receiver, the game suddenly becomes 10-on-10.  If opposing quarterbacks are going to continue refusing to throw at Peterson, we need to start moving him around to keep him on the opposing team's best receiver.
  • Our offensive line is still not where it needs to be.  The pass blocking was better this week, but we still aren't getting much of a push off the line on power running plays.
  • I really like it when we line up with Scott at fullback and Keiland at tailback.  That gives us a lot of options and makes both runners effective.
  • We tried a lot of screens again, but this time we had a bit more success with them, including a couple nice screens to Lafell, including one for a touchdown.
  • Jordan Jefferson continues to struggle with accuracy going down the field.  I don't want to be too critical of a quarterback who is still young and improving, but his accuracy right now is not where it needs to be for us to be consistently competitive against the best teams in the conference.  He's got a lot of talent, but he is not a finished product yet.  I hope he gets there soon.  I think he was better this week than last week.
  • Terrance Toliver continues to be productive, but also continues to drop more than he should.
  • We were good on special teams this week.  Really nice kickoff coverage for the most part, good punting, a long field goal, and a nice kickoff return from Trindon Holliday.
  • Jarrett Lee's ATVSQBPI tonight was 21.0. Nice night, but I still hope JJ isn't seriously hurt.  It looked like a cramp.
  • Keiland Williams and Charles Scott started out slow, but both ended up with good rate stats.
  • We get Mississippi State next week, and they beat Vandy pretty good this week.