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LSU v ULL: Behind the Numbers

 Sorry, everyone.  I've been setting a billable hours record over the past few days, so I've been unable to comment on the game (for the record, 30 hours billed in the past two days - seriously, someone kill me).  So, you're getting an abbreviated Behind the Numbers and I'll get to my various ballots over the next few days.

330-272. LSU and ULL's total yards.  LSU outgained ULL by 48 yards, which is pretty poor, especially for a 31-3 game.  I was reading recently about "wasted yards," or yards gained on drives that don't result in a score, and here's where you see the difference.  ULL "wasted" 211 yards while LSU "wasted" 97 yards.  Efficiency is the theme this week.

3 for 3.  Three trips to the red zone, three touchdowns.  Efficient again.

9/12/2.  1st downs by rushing/passing/penalty.  Good balance by the offense, which also converted third downs at a 7 for 12 clip.  You can guess what word goes here --->

9:47. Down big in the fourth, ULL dominated time of possession by converting 2/5 on third down and 2/2 on fourth.  ULL gained 74 yards on 16 plays, all in the final frame.  They also managed to score zero points, but they did succeed in keeping LSU's offense off the field so the second stringers couldn't get in the game.  Moral victory!

3.  ULL turnovers.  While the offense failed to provide the big play (biggest three plays went for 21, 20, and 15 yards), the defense came through as the big play unit.