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Around the SEC in Week 4

Some quick thoughts on the conference games this week...

Arkansas @ Alabama: Who plays the bigger role: the freakishly tall quarterback, the freakishly fat nose tackle or little 5-foot-7 Michael Smith?

Ole Miss @ South Carolina: It's a shame Casey Dick isn't involved, otherwise this game might set the SEC record for the most phallic references in a single telecast.

LSU @ Mississippi State: File this under "Only in the SEC" - if you are Mississippi State fan with an iPhone - yes, there is a Cowbell App.

Ball State @ Auburn: This game shouldn't be particularly interesting from a football perspective, but my inner Beavis & Butt-Head still can't say Ball State without thinking "heh-heh, heh-heh...Ball..." And you know what? I'm comfortable with that.

Florida @ Kentucky: Last year, right around this time, it took losing to Ole Miss for Florida to realize they had to trust other players besides Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin - and two weeks later Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps helped unleash 51 points on LSU. Hopefully, after failing to strike down with great vengeance and furious anger on the insolent Big Orange, Florida can remain behind the curve for, oh, another three weeks or so.

Ohio @ Tennessee: Volunteeer fans smell the sweet perfume of last week's "moral victory," but they'd be wise to remember that Jonathan Crompton is always on hand to spread around a little manure.

Arizona State @ Georgia: A proposal if you will. Coeds at the University of Georgia look like this. Coeds at Arizona State look like this. Does anybody really feel comfortable calling one of these teams the "loser" in this contest?

Vanderbilt @ Rice: Vanderbilt found out the downside to a no-huddle offense last week, when Mississippi State held the ball for nearly 17 more minutes than the Commodores. If you can't move the ball, all you accomplish by hurrying up is to give the other team more plays. Not a good idea against Rice's offense.