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Poseur's Week 4 Polls


Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Florida 1
3 Texas
4 Virginia Tech 4
5 Cincinnati
6 Boise State 10
7 Houston 11
8 LSU 2
9 Southern Cal 1
10 Ohio State 1
11 Iowa
12 Oregon
13 TCU 1
14 Auburn 3
15 Kansas 4
16 Missouri 1
17 Michigan 4
18 Wisconsin
19 California 15
20 Oklahoma
21 Georgia
22 Penn State 9
23 South Carolina
24 Miami (Florida) 17
25 Nebraska
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Washington (#9), Mississippi (#12), Oregon State (#22), Florida State (#23), UCLA (#24).
Tell me why I'm a moron, but I can't justify anything this week.  There's enough resume to destroy preseason expectations but not enough data to accurately rank anyone.  I recognize this ballot sucks, but I'm done working on it.  SEC Power Poll after the break. 

1 Alabama - It's time to admit it.  This is the best team in the country.  Damn it. 

2 Florida - I'm truly fascinated how Meyer will handle Tebow's injury.  Concussions are treated like a minor injury, but really, it's a wound to the brain.  That seems like a big deal.  Even for a football player.

3 LSU - Deep breaths, everyone.  Maybe LSU will play a game not during a tsunami.  And maybe they'll find a deep snapper who doesn't give away 11 points in one friggin game.

4 Auburn - Thank God they finally play an SEC team so we can get a read on them... wait... it's Tennessee?  Nevermind.   

5 Georgia - Every time I get frustrated by how inconsistent LSU is, I think of UGa and smile.  Which is why I think their going to beat us by 30.

6 South Carolina - A dangerous team who can beat, or lose to, anyone in the conference.

7 Ole Miss - Vanderbilt is probably the tonic that cures their ills right now.

8 Arkansas - The coaching staff is scouring craig's list for a listing selling a defense.

9 Tennessee - Ohio probably should have lost to North Texas.  Just pointing that out.

10 Mississippi State - That wasn't a moral victory, that was a vicious punch to the gut. 

11 Kentucky - 31 first quarter points allowed.  I have nothing to say.

12 Vanderbilt - It's kind of comforting to see them back in the basement of the Power Poll.