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Two Days To Go

I've got a feeling LSU will knock Washington across the universe.  And they'll do it for all the LSU fans that took the long and winding road to Seattle.  (Sadly, none of them seats will be filled by yours truly, as I sold I me mine a few days ago.)

Michigan fans, you are not getting Coach Miles.  Rich Rodriguez foolishly abandoned a great situation at West Virginia for you blue.  Similarly, June Jones left Hawaii and is still trying to dig a pony out of its Dallas grave.  Les won't repeat their mistakes.  Of that I am confident.  Dig it?

LSU is ready to get back to the football field.  LSU is ready to get back to where they once belonged- glory, glory and more glory.


Get back, JoJo.



Reader one: Why are all of Jrlz's posts so f***ed up and awkward?  Why in the world did they hire him?

Reader two: Let it be, man.  Let it be.


Here's the Jazzy Spies for the number 2.  This will probably be the last one because for some reason they didn't make a Jazzy Spies 1.  Either that, or it was never uploaded because I can't find it.  Oh well.