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Things I Noticed

Earlier today I wrote about what interested me in tonight's Thursday night games. So, what did I see?


  • Go SEC! South Carolina suffocated NC State giving the league a big non-conference road win against a BCS league.
  • South Carolina's defense is for real. They were everywhere on the field. However, I have a feeling NC State's offense isn't quite up to snuff right now. But still, 133 yards allowed to a team that won 10 games last year? Solid.
  • It's the same old South Carolina. Their offense is terrible. They barely had 250 total yards. Steven Garcia went 13-for-22 for 148 yards and a pick. Their starting running back ran 23 times for 66 yards. That's like falling down after you take the handoff. USC certainly isn't going to scare anyone on offense. It's only scoring drive came after a fumble inside the 30.
  • If Oregon is worth anything, then Boise State is for real. It was their defense that surprised me tonight. They were all over the place. Oregon didn't have a first down in the first half. Read that again. They only had four the whole game and racked up a grand total of 138 yards.  The offense wasn't what's you'd expect out of a Bronco squad, but they dominated one of the best three teams in the Pac 10. That's really all that matters in the end.
  • Chris Peterson needs to go one size smaller on his gameday shirt.
  • I enjoyed the game, but the blue turf is tough to watch on TV.
  • If Oregon is supposed to be what passes for a test for USC in the Pac 10 this year, then the Pac 10 is still not going to get any respect.
  • Shaking hands before a game is a joke. The announcers are talking about it right now while Oregon's running back just laid out a Boise State player. As if shaking hands before the game means everything will be all well and good. That is so stupid. Yes, the Oregon player was out of line in his actions, but the fact that they were forced to shake hands while not caring four hours earlier means nothing. Why does the media harp on stupid crap like this?