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Your Abbreviated Pundit Round Up

On Fridays, I plan to search every nook and cranny of the internet for game predictions for Saturday. WIthout further ado, your Opening Weekend punditry.

Chris Low, ESPN's SEC blogger:

LSU 34, Washington 10: It’s never easy to go all the way across the country to play a football game. That said, the Tigers will make this one look easy, as Jordan Jeffersonserves notice that he’s one of the best up-and-coming quarterbacks in the league and the defense returns to form under John Chavis. 

That's what we're all hoping for at least.

Bruce Feldman, ESPN Insider (subscription link):

LSU Tigers 27, Washington Huskies 17 (Saturday, 10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN)

I really like the Tigers' running game. They could have a bruising attack similar to what Alabama had in 2008. However, this will be a fascinating debut for new Washington coach Steve Sarkisian and the re-emergence of QB Jake Locker. I don't think U-Dub has enough firepower to pull off a shocker, but I will not be surprised if the Huskies keep it interesting deep into the second half.

College Football News, who I consider the best in the business:

What Will Happen: Washington will score first. LSU will score often. The Huskies will ride the wave of Locker’s return and Sarkisian’s debut for a while, but their lack of consistency on both lines will prematurely end the celebration. Too much Scott and too many whiffs from the offensive line will squelch hopes for a defining Week 1 shocker. 
CFN Prediction: LSU 35 ... Washington 17 Line: LSU -17

Apparently, Poseur is as smart as the rest of these people. Kind of scary.

Stewart Mandel, of


LSU's 2,000-plus mile trek to Seattle will mark the longest road trip in school history. The inevitable horde of purple-and-gold-clad supporters gathering in the stands should make the Tigers' trek a little easier, though ... as should the fact they're facing a team that failed to win a game in 2008.


Inevitable? Less than a decade ago, bowl games were worried about LSU fans traveling. My, how far we've come.

CBS Sportsline. Nothing to read here.

Baton Rouge Advocate, the homers:

Randy Rosetta - LSU 31-14 
Defense, Jefferson take big first step

Gary Laney - LSU 38-17
Toughest part may be getting there

Nick Daschel, a Pac 10 beat writer also likes the Tigers, big:
Louisiana State at Washington (Tigers by 18): The Steve Sarkisian era will almost certainly start with a loss, but we’ll be looking for a couple of things nonetheless. Can the Huskies slow down a good running game? Has Jake Locker improved as a passer? Will Washington fight after getting knocked down a few times? Tigers 41, Huskies 21.