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Let Down

I had fun partying last night. Now some thoughts on the game:

It was a bit of a let down. It was kind of like watching your big home run hitter come up to the plate with the bases loaded and hit a sacrifice fly instead of a grand slam.

I'll hold my opinion on the defense until later. I'd be more concerned if our DC wasn't a proven guy like Chavis who has a history of making great adjustments. His defenses have always improved as the season progresses, so hopefully it will do the same here. Our red-zone defense looks better, but we can't let them make those big drives.

Holy shit ESPN coverage sucks ass. "And now back to the game. Oh look, Toliver's running down the field for a touchdown. Let's take a commercial break. And now here's the replay of that touchdown on Shit-O-Vision, brought to you by Google Earth."