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College Football News: Week 1 Review, Week 2 Lookahead

Check out the's SEC Bloggers' review of week 1 here.

And here are my picks on what players to watch around the conference.

Allow myself to quote myself:

LSUjunior safety Chad Jones. He became something of a folk hero in Baton Rouge this summer, playing a key role as a relief pitcher in LSU’s run to another baseball national championship. On the football field, Jones has been a star-in-the-making for two seasons now, but never been able to meet the hype. Is he a baseball player trying to play football? After last week’s poor performance, marred by missed tackles, it’s a question Jones has to answer. Vanderbilt ran for 400 yards in week one – so the missed tackles can’t happen in week two.

Opinions seem to vary on how well some players played -- but I think we can all agree that Mr. Jones had one of the worst games on Saturday.