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The Streak


In the last six seasons, LSU has won 64 games, 5 bowl games, 3 SEC titles, and 2 national titles.  In the same time period, LSU has lost just 15 games.  I have attended only five games in the last six years, and... well, here's the list and you can see what they have in common:

10/7/03 Florida 19, LSU 7

12/3/05 Georgia 34, LSU 14 

9/16/06 Auburn 7, LSU 3 

11/23/07 Arkansas 50, LSU 48 

11/22/08 Ole Miss 31, LSU 13 


Five games, five losses.  I'm not sure the odds against seeing one-third of LSU's losses in person over the past six years if that person only attended five games, but I'm sure it's pretty high against.  Hell, I was at the one SEC Championship Game we didn't win.  I did have tickets to the Arizona St. game but couldn't make the makeup game in Tempe.  So there's that.  The hurricanes prevented me from breaking the streak.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that I am a horrible jinx.  A friend of mine asked if I wanted BCS title game tickets and I declined because of the streak.  I think that was the key play of the Ohio St. game.  I don't bring this up to whine about having not seen an LSU win in easily the most successful era of LSU football.  No, I bring this up to warn all of you.

This Saturday, I have tickets to the Vandy game.  Hide the children.