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Citrus Bowl, January 1, 12:00pm: Penn State vs. LSU, Game Thread



Today, LSU plays Penn State, a rare occurrence in the college football universe. Darn it, I am looking forward to it. Joe Paterno is one of those names that will forever be associated with college football. I don't mean, "when you think of Joe Paterno, you think of college football." I mean it the other way around. "When you think of college football, you think of Joe Paterno." OK, that's not ALL you think about. You think about Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, Bear Bryant, Bobby Bowden, Bobby Dodd, and about 500 other names that are part of the pantheon of college football. Paterno is part of that pantheon. Maybe not Zeus, the head of the Pantheon, but perhaps as important a part of his pantheon as, say, Athena was to her pantheon.

I have a lot of respect for Paterno, and while like most non-Penn State fans, I always hated Penn State, especially when they were winning a lot in my youth, I cannot help but respect their program now that I am past the rash emotional judgments of my youth. (Woo! Chad Jones!).

Anyway, while I am excited about the matchup, I don't know jack about Penn State's football team. I just know I like that we're playing them. And I really want to beat them, but I won't be devastated if we don't.

If I'm looking for anything in particular, I am looking for the offense to do something, anything, well. I don't mean a nice play or two. I mean I want our offense to be consistently successful at something. I almost don't care what it is.