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Your Cry Time is Over. One More Celebration for the 2009 Tigers.

So LSU football ends its 2009 football program and begins the new calendar decade on a whimper rather than a bang.  We finish 9-4, a great season by any means, but perhaps not the one you imagined.

And it was a close loss.  It had all the drama of a great football game, but it was the Lions, not the Tigers, who ended up on top.

Well, I'm bummed too, but I'm not crying or throwing a fit like I know some of you are.  This is my first season as a writer on AndTheValleyShook, and I think I can say I learned a lot.  Not just a lot about writing for a sports blog but about fanhood in general.  That is, to embrace failure.  I've written plenty of things on here that sucked.  There were times when I just didn't know what to do.  There was that ill-fated attack on TigerDroppings.  There was a few comedy attempts that fell flat.  Worst of all was a poor and ill-timed shot at Les Miles following the Ole Miss game.  But I'm not ashamed of any of them, and that's because I learned from them.

I don't want my Tigers to be ashamed of what they did tonight or of anything they did this season.  I want them to embrace their shortcomings as opportunities for improvement, and I want them to fight to hold the glory of the purple gold, just like knights of old.

And I don't want my fellow fans to be wallowing in gloom and doom either.  Your pity party accomplishes nothing. If you don't like what you see, vote with your feet.

So I'd like to end my coverage of this season the same way I began it- by posting Daft Punk's One More Time.  Let's dance.