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Link Gumbo 1/11/10

It wasn't the best weekend for LSU fans anyway you slice it. In order of disappointment...

With a low attendance for the Pack the PMAC of just 5067, the 11th ranked Lady Tigers lost a shocker to Auburn in overtime 67-65. Poor shooting, being out-rebounded, and Hightower's 2nd half absence with leg cramps caused LSU to lose a 7 point lead with just 1:20 left in the game. Coach Chancellor on the loss:

"This was one of the worst jobs of coaching I’ve ever done," he said. "I’m up seven and can’t help this team win. Pitiful."

Expectations were low for the Men's team this year, but it seems we are all just now realizing how low it will be. Bama dominated on both sides of the ball to win 66-49. They used bigger players on Taz, Bo, and Spencer to keep them in check and aside from Harris's 12 points, the bench only scored 2 points. At one point, Bama had a 26 point lead.

Les Miles again repeated his commitment to keep Crowton on the staff for next year despite the worst offensive production in a decade. With the Stud-to-Memphis rumors getting weaker each day (Though Porter seems to be leaving his OL coach selection for last), it would seem the coaching staff for next year is set. No further word on the investigation into McCarthy has been released either. And a reminder that Spring camp starts early this year on Feb. 25th to finish in time for the televised Spring Game on March 27th (ESPN2).

Recruiting is starting to pickup in earnest as LSU picked up Copiah-Lincoln Community College DE Ken Adams for the 2010 class (he will be enroll this month and be eligible for Spring practice) and Lutcher stand-out WR Jarvis Landry for the 2011 class. That makes 6 commitments for 2011. As for the rest of this years class, Dandy Don was pleased with the performance of our commitments in the Army All-Star game (Sunday's post). If you watched you may have noted the graphic for Lache Seastrunk did not list LSU, but with the current problems at USC and Frank Wilson yet to make his visit, we may still have a chance.