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Jacques Smith Sticks With Tennessee Commitment

Now that Richard has decided to spend more time with his family (stupid families, getting in the way of football), ATVS is without its recruiting expert.  I'm going to try and step into the breach and give it some half-assed coverage, mainly because I think recruiting coverage, as it stands, is grossly overrated.  Recruiting is important, as it is how a team gets talent, but getting hung up on one specific player's decision is insane.  Each signee is a roll of the dice.  The key is getting numbers, not a specific guy.

However, my interest in Jacques Smith was piqued during the Tennessee coaching change debacle.  LSU stood ready to swoop in and steal one of the Vols' premier recruits, and we could really use a great defensive end.  Smith is not co-operating and decided to re-affirm his commitment to Tennessee.

Good for Smith.  This speaks highly of his character, that he's not ditching the Vols at the first sign of adversity.  Would I like for him to be in purple and gold?  Yes.  But I can't say I'm upset we "lost" him, because he showed admirable loyalty in sticking by his commitment.  It's hard for Tiger fans to bitch about those who jilted us on Signing Day (Cox, Jackson, Richardson) and then cheer a guy who does the same thing to a different school.  Recruiting is a dirty, dirty business even when it's played by the rules.  I'm actually proud of Smith for doing his best to stay clean.  The Vols got a good one.  Good for them.