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It's All About the Ute: Utah 61 LSU 59

Things were under LSU's control.  We had a twelve-point lead, and we were playing smoothly.  We got the ball to Mitchell and Warren inside, and they put it in.  Meanwhile, our defense suffocated Utah's perimeter game.

How did it fall apart?  LSU had a stretch in the second half where we went 7 minutes without a field goal.  That's pathetic.  During that stretch, Utah went from a twelve-point deficit to right back in the game.

Utah was able to shoot in crunch time.  We weren't.  That's the story of the game, sadly.  It could have been our turnaround game, but now it's just the next chapter of an increasingly bad-looking season.

Last year, LSU lost to Utah by 30.  I guess we can celebrate the fact that this game was 28 points closer, but it's hard to stomach the fact that with the memory from that game on our minds and with a twelve point lead in our hands, we let this one slip away like that.  I don't like it one bit.

So where do we go from here?  It pains me to say it, but LSU just doesn't look ready for conference play.  Our team still hasn't found its fourth option after Taz, Bo and Storm.  Nobody's stepped up to that role yet, and it's almost as if nobody has really tried.  Dennis Harris is still struggling after his injury.  Garrett Green has improved only marginally.  Chris Bass and Aaron Dotson continue to be lousy shooters.  Eddie Ludwig is still playing like a freshman, and Zach Kinsley hasn't grabbed the bull by the horns.  LSU will struggle until one of these guys steps up.

Trent Johnson has the horses, but he can only lead them to water.  These other guys need to start drinking.

I think I need a drink too.