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Link Gumbo 1/20/10

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The men will be fighting to stay out of last place against Auburn tonight. We're both 0-3 in conference, but AU's great performance in a loss to Kentucky makes me think it's going to be a long night. On the plus side, someone's going home with their tuition paid.

Baseball has begun individual practices and will begin full-squad practice next Friday. Hard to believe, but the season starts in less than a month with a home series against Centenary on Feb. 19th. The Tigers will begin their quest for a back-to-back with a preseason #2 ranking behind *ugh* Texas

Very early preseason football rankings are starting to come out:,,

Making the rounds over the last few days is a scarily prescient blog post by a Web developer/BYU fan from more than three years ago about Crowton's hiring at LSU. How scary? This scary:

Be ready for an undisciplined offense that fails to make any adjustments-during the game or season.

LSU will probably have a great year (2007) with their athletes. They will score a lot of points. But don’t expect them to stay that way. Not with Crowton as the offensive coordinator. The numbers don’t lie.

He backs it up with the necessary statistics from Crowton's former jobs. Somebody get this guy to fill out a tourney bracket.