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I just kicked a giant hole in my door out of frustration: Auburn 84-LSU 80


I talk about how it's just a game.  I talk about how you shouldn't take things this seriously.  But in the end, I still confess to some serious maturity issues.  At least I didn't throw a remote into my roommate's TV.

I can't believe we lost.  I feel bad for Tasmin, who delivered a spectacular performance.  He deserved to win.  He had a spectacular 38 points, and apparently, that's not enough to win anymore.

LSU now drops to 9-9 overall and 0-4 in the SEC.  I REALLY didn't want to lose this game.  I'd understand losing to Kentucky, Mississippi State or Tennessee, but Auburn is as bad as us, so we NEEDED to win this one.  We were in position to win this one.  And then a few blatant errors messed it up.

It's fitting that the day we get an offense going, our defense collapses.  This sucks.  Tasmin deserves better than this.