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Welcome to the Bottom of the Dumpster: Alabama 57- LSU 38


The Tigers hit a shocking and outrageous new low tonight against Alabama- one that should make people wonder whether this is the worst game of all time or the worstEST game of all time.  Our team, our offense, our everything, laid a miraculous egg today.  It's a special egg- one that should be preserved and studied.  This game is legendary in its atrociousness.

Not even 38 points fully displays how bad we were on offense tonight.  We had 33 points until the final four minutes, when we scored on two free throws and a last-minute nobody-cares three by Chris Beattie.  That was the only three we sank all evening.

At halftime, we had the lead.  Yes, that's right, we had the lead.  A 25-23 lead- narrow, certainly, but a lead is a lead.  Our second half performance went something like this: Alabama scored 34 points, and LSU scored 13.

And the thing is, that number would be 10 if not for Beattie's last-minute three.  10.

Nobody on the Tigers reached double-digit points.  We shot an abysmal 29%.  We scored just 38 points despite grabbing 12 offensive rebounds.  We went 1-9 behind the arc while the Tide went 9-17.  As a team, we had 4 assists.

How did this happen?  I fully anticipated a down year, but this is a joke.  I support Coach Johnson but this is simply unacceptable.  For the love of God, this team is downright awful.  We're not worth the hole in my door.  "Worst Team in the SEC" is an understatement.  We are really really really REALLY bad.

The good news is, it's hard to imagine us going anywhere but up from here.  The bad news is, our next three games are against Mississippi State, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Gulp.