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Link Gumbo 1/4/10

Russell Shepard's Cap One Bowl Highlight Reel

It's been a long, unhappy weekend for Tiger fans, with many questions remaining unanswered. After being told repeatedly during the leadup to the game that he would, Why didn't Shepard have any playing time at all? Off all the options in Crowton's supposedly expansive playbook, was a 4yd bubble screen over the middle really the best option with time running out? And after the Hitt got the penalty, Why did they just stand there for 6-8 seconds waiting to snap the ball?

Worse than all is Les Miles' detachment from reality in the post game press conference. His answers don't make much sense as noted by commenter LSUDeathValley, when he was asked about the first half reliance on a running game that wasn't working, and as is evident in this video from the Times-Pic.

LSU head coach Les Miles Post-Game Comments

Sure, it was unfortunate that Hitt was undeservedly called for trying to get the Penn St. lineman off the ball, who himself admitted the penalty should have been on him, but lets not pretend it was anything but a forceful yank in desperation to get the ball ready for play quickly.

Despite most fans believing since mid-season that Crowton would be gone at the end of the year, Miles was on WWL in N.O. on Saturday and said there would be no more coaching changes(no link, sorry.) The only change I see caused by outside forces is OL coach Studrawa following Porter to Memphis. That rumor seems less and less likely every day, but Porter has yet to name an OL coach for his team. (Odd note I came across while looking up Porter's new staff, Mike Dubose is going to be his DL coach.)

As if it weren't bad enough this weekend, evidence is building that not all is well on the Men's Basketball team. After Saturday's loss to Utah, TJ became visibly angry when asked about Spencer's performance, then he threw down the mic and left the room. He came back and apologized, but clearly something is brewing between Coach and Spencer.

Not a great way to start the year, but hey, only 46 days till baseball...