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Link Gumbo 10/01/10


Fan vote for the Heisman. Zod commands it! Print out, and pass around the Word of Zod to strangers in the street. Also, Zod's furry friend could use some votes.

So, about Zod. You can always tell when Miles is up to something by that obvious smirk he gets. What we can glean from the above video is that Patrick Peterson has been taking snaps in the O this week (in what BR drive-time radio has dubbed the "Thundercat" formation) and that this isn't the first week that's happened. When pressed on the matter, Miles said he didn't know how long Zod has been doing this, but judging by that smirk, he's just trying to hide the fact that it's probably been going on for a while, my guess would be since after the UNC game. As it has been the past few years, after summer camp, practices are closed to everyone, so your guess is as good as mine.

Wee stopped by our neighbors on the Rocky Top Talk podcast and spent some time with them discussing the match up.

Glen Dorsey: "geeked" about being back home on the Cheifs bye week.

There is a wonderful surprise planned during the game, but I wont spoil it.

Heads up, everybody. The Prius Bandit's back in town.

I'll say it again multiple times this weekend, but those of you working through the weekend should be aware that this week, like all SEC on CBS games, will be streamed LIVE in HD for FREE from with none of those crippling ESPN3 restrictions.

A short one today, I know, but dem's the grits. I want to thank you all for the single greatest month in the site's history. Y'all keep coming back and we'll keep writing.