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Booing: A Public Service Announcement

Paul's breaking down plays, and you should absolutely read that.  Billy will probably be along in a bit to tell you what to watch for, leaving me to my usual Friday bit: twiddling my thumbs.  I mean, I'm a terrible prognosticator, as my pick ‘em roundly attests to, so I hate doing game previews. 

Tennessee is not as bad as you think.  Gerald Jones is a loudmouth, but he's pretty darn good.  And the Vols have traditionally beaten LSU, and recently the series has given us some close-fought, outstanding games.  LSU is maddeningly inconsistent right now.  Therefore, I have no idea what to expect.  Probably, another win in which we are informed by everyone else how unimpressive it is.  End of preview. 

So, instead, let me lecture all y'all about fan behavior. 

I know you're frustrated by the offense.  I know you want to hang Gary Crowton in effigy, or maybe for real, depending on how hardcore you are.  I know you think Jarrett Lee is going to descend down from heaven and throw for 500 yards and 8 touchdowns.  I know you think Les Miles spends more time wondering where he put his taffy than coaching the team.

And there is a time and place for all of those criticisms.  We have a comment section and Fan Posts for you to vent.  You could even (shudder) go to another LSU website.  You can yell at the talk radio guys.  Rant and rave at your tailgate to your best friend's brother-in-law's former college roommate. No one is saying you shouldn't be frustrated with this offense.

BUT, if you start booing on Saturday night in the stadium, please kill yourself.  If you see someone booing, stab them in the neck with a pen.  If you do boo, do not hide behind the cowardly "I'm not booing the players" line.  You are, whether you mean to or not.  Boos don't have a gift tag.

We need more of the opposing quarterback lining up under the wrong lineman and less half-empty stands in the fourth quarter.  If you don't want to support the team, that's fine.  Show your displeasure by not going to the game.  But if you're there, cheer your damn fool head off.  Tiger Stadium has long had a reputation as one of the loudest, craziest venues in the country.  It is downright embarrassing for Tiger fans to be called out on national television for not supporting our team.

I don't want your excuses.  Fans don't accept the excuses of a coach who fails to perform, so this street runs both ways.  It is their job to put out a winning football team.  It is our job to yell our damn fool heads off.  I hate to say it, but let's channel the Dinardo Era for a second... Bring Back the Magic. 

It's up to you.  Go out there and cheer for four quarters.  Urine bombs are optional.