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LSU-related things in the media: What's been mentioned, what hasn't been mentioned.

Has been mentioned:

Les Miles is insane.

Les Miles is insanely lucky.

Les Miles has a deal with the devil or some shit.

Patrick Peterson.


Hasn't been mentioned:

Jarrett Lee's vengeance in the swamp.

Terrance Toliver's career game, game-winning TD, and that other TD where he dragged preseason favorite Janoris Jenkins to the endzone.

Josh Jasper made a heads-up play after a bad pitch, which is why he's one of the best kickers in the nation.

Drake Nevis, statistically, is having a better season than Ndamukong Suh was having at this point last season.

Tyrann Mathieu is the best defensive freshman in the SEC.

LSU has the SEC's best defense, and is top 5 in the nation.

Defense wins championships.

Kelvin Sheppard.

Morris Claiborne, who made an INT.

LSU's O-Line, and Joseph Barksdale's quietly great season at LT, along with great seasons by Dworaczyk, Lonergan and Hurst, with both T-Bob and Williford playing well at right guard.

The fact that Urban Meyer, the so-called special teams guru, was completely pantsed by Miles on that fake field goal.

Brandon Taylor, another player putting together a great season.

Stevan Ridley, the SEC's leading rusher among RBs.

Jordan Jefferson's two rushing TD's.

Lavar Edwards and Barkevious Mingo, who have played magnificently in Sam Montgomery's absence.

LSU's 19 sacks, which tops the SEC and is the 3rd-highest total in the nation, and the fact that LSU had a total of 21 sacks all of last season.

John Chavis.

The fact that LSU had the better gameplan and beat Florida in total yards by 140 and time of possession by ten minutes.

How calm and collected the Tigers during the game-winning drive.  They were in THE SWAMP, for god-sakes.

LSU is now 3-3 versus Urban Meyer and Florida, and Miles is the first coach to beat him three times.


In conclusion, the national media just sucks.  All they can talk about is Les Miles, and how it was either his cojones or (much more commonly) pure, dumb, stupid, idiotic luck that beat Florida, thereby discrediting the players, who won the game because they prepared, played their asses off, and wanted it more than Florida did.  But no, no, LSU wins because they're coach is lucky.  Les Miles doesn't really deserve to win, and therefore, by osmosis, LSU doesn't really deserve to win either.

Hey, media, talk about something other than Miles for a change.  People keep saying "LSU wins because of talent".  Oh yeah? Then TALK ABOUT THE TALENT.  Yes, LSU does have talented players, and many of them have names other than Patrick Peterson.  I want to hear about them.  I bet their proud parents and family want to hear about them too.  But no, Mrs. Toliver, it wasn't your son that made that game-winning catch.  It was his coach and his magical good fortune, and most of us don't care about your son enough to even spell his name correctly.

Dear ESPN, CBS and just about every mainstream football blog out there: GO TO HELL.  I'm busy.  Have a great day.